Closet Consultation

A closet consultation consists of going through each piece in your current wardrobe. I will work to organize the layout to be easily accessible on a daily basis, arranged in a way that fits your lifestyle best. There is no one template, it has to fit your lifestyle. I will clean out the unneeded items and add your needs and wants to our checklist. The goal is to make getting dressed in the morning effortless so that you walk out of the house with a confident, effortless glow.

Personal Shopping

This is most effective if followed by a closet consultation. This can be tailor made to fit your price range and lifestyle. First, let’s get the perfect staple pieces into your wardrobe. Then we can play with styles that interest you and fit into your day to day life. I love to sign new clients who are interested in starting a long term relationship, but if you're only looking for one specific piece, I'm happy to accommodate that as well. Depending on your interests, I will send you weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly lookbooks perfectly tailored to your needs and wants. If you have the perfect item, outfit, or wardrobe in mind I will not only find it, but find it in your price range, and size.

Wardrobe Book

Is your issue trying to put together the items in your closet so that you step out of your house looking polished? Let me help with that too. I will comb your closet, take pictures of each piece, and put them all together in a handy book, or e-booklet that includes your accessories. No need to call me every time you get ready to go out, just take a look at your personalized book with suggestions on how to perfectly pair your items for any occasion. It's easily updatable so each season we can add your new pieces to the book.

On a Budget?

We’ve all been the broke 20 something that needs to look like they aren’t broke. Let me help! No one is better at finding a deal than me. Tell me what is on your wish list, whether vague or specific and I will find it at the price you can afford. You will save money and time by letting me do all the work for you. 

Photoshoot Styling

Whether it's for the glossy pages of a magazine or your engagement photo shoot. I love thinking outside the box to style amazing looking photos for any occasion and any style. 


Pricing varies on many different aspects. No budget is too big or too small to work with Molly Rose Styling. I will tailor your services to whatever your budget is.

Worldwide Appeal

Although Denver is my home, I’d love to talk to you if you live in a different part of the country, or world. The majority of what Molly Rose Styling does can be done from afar. Good style has no boundaries and I’m happy to travel to you to accomplish your best self if an entire closest makeover is what you desire.

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