When I was a senior in high school I, like all other seniors, went to get my senior pictures taken. I drove out to Potwin Kansas to get them taken on a bright beautiful sunny day. A few weeks later I excitedly drove back out to the middle of no where to pick them up.

So excited to hand out the wallet size pictures to my friends {do people still do that?}. I opened the box and immediately started to cry. Why yes, I am overly emotional 90% of the time, thanks for asking. This however was different than your normal teenage angst. My eyes were closed in most of the pictures. The photographer had made me take them outside, looking into the sun, which I argued even at the time, wasn't a good idea. Much to my disappointment I was right. The pictures were awful. 

I drove the 30 minutes home and cried more to my mom {who let's be honest had to be ready for me to graduate and stop crying weekly}. She called the photog and arranged for me to retake the pictures. Luckily they turned out great! {I mean so I thought at the time... now I cringe when I see them. Who let me take pictures by my Eclipse?}. 

The moral is, I have made a very valid effort in life to not take pictures into the sun unless I have my sunglasses on. When I made my first attempt at taking outfit pictures for this blog, I knew I'd have my sunglasses on in every picture. I tried to not have them on for one outfit... and that was the first. Lesson learned... {no you don’t get to see the other images.. thanks for asking!}


Molly Rose


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