I was at the H&M recently on 16th Street Mall in Denver. This is the ONLY reason I ever venture that direction. You may be shocked to know this but I hate crowds and I absolutely despise shopping in them. I would avoid a crowded touristy place like the plague. However, on a weekday I can handle H&M enough because I love it.

I found out while perusing the new fall pieces that there is going to be a new floor soon with HOME DECOR! I seriously almost hugged the sales girl and I’m sure she was confused. It was as if she told me I’d be front row at The Row show next week in NY, for free. 

I porbably smiled like an idiot as I walked out of the store but I truly couldn’t hep my excitement. In preparation for the big day {she said probably October} here are my current favorites online.

What’s the first thing you’re going to buy?


Molly Rose

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