Photography by Roger Williams Photographer // Photos taken at Tattered Cover

When a fashion photographer like Roger Williams says he wants you to style a few outfits and do a shoot with him, you do it. I was so excited to meet Roger at the 303 Magazine fashion show (more on that later) and we exchanged information. Roger is so talented but what I was really excited about was getting out of my comfort zone.

Blog outfit photography, while challenging for someone as awkward as me, isn’t that difficult. Posing for editorial pictures? Extremely difficult. I have a new found appreciation for models.  Roger had me stand in positions that made me very uncomfortable and felt very unnatural. I of course assumed that my awkward positioning would make for horrible pictures. I was wrong, they were beautiful! 

Moving on to my outfit. My top and shorts are from Whorl in the Highlands. I fell in love with this outfit the first time I laid eyes on it! What’s better than shorts and a top that look like a romper? I expressed my love and one of the owners, Michael, said he uses it as a travel outfit. That was all the convincing I needed... I love a good pajama feeling but chic looking outfit for a plane! I am getting a teeny antsy to dress in fall clothes again so I decided to pair it with a beloved fur vest. I’m headed to Atlanta and I’m pretty sure this will be my outfit of choice for the ride there!


Molly Rose

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