I love a jacket, vest, fur vest, anything that I can easily throw over an outfit to add another layer. This vest came from Weekends in Boulder. It was originally $360 but I paid a mere $50 for it... that is good shopping my friends.  And that is why I now do it for a living. 

I love this vest but what I love about this outfit is that it shows that ANYONE can wear a crop top. It doesn’t mean your belly button is showing {although yes, I do see mine in that last picture...}.  You can wear high waist with a crop top and no more skin is showing than if you were wearing a regular top and pants!

You guys I’m very passionate about this... yes I just said that I’m passionate about crop tops. We all have something right? My friends give me a hard time, because I’m in love with crop tops currently. I love the silhouette it gives everyone though! I want to shout from the roof tops “crop tops for all!” But I won’t, don’t worry. I’ll just excitedly talk about my love for them if anyone specifically asks me.


Molly Rose

P.S. Are you free September 17th?! Well mark your calendar for my launch party at Whorl in Denver!