I'm in Kansas City this week and I can tell you one thing Denver has taught me; humidity is the devil. I don't remember ever being so hot and I lived in Dallas for 7 years. Today, I walked to the Country Club Plaza from my brother's apartment to get some work done at a cute hipster coffee shop (Kaldi's Coffee), and was sweating bricks by the time I got home. Maybe I shouldn't have stopped along the way to get a hot burger at Winstead's, and maybe I shouldn't have sat outside the whole time at the coffee shop, but still... I was sweating. 

When you're just miserably hot no beauty products sound like a good thing. You just want to lay and sweat and lay some more. Some beauty products though can actually cool you off, if only for a few seconds. Also, don't forget heat = dryness so don't skimp on your oils and lotions. If it feels too hot, through them in the fridge or freezer so at night it's a nice cool off when you slather them on. 


Molly Rose

P.S. The Rosewater spritz is my favorite summer beauty product! I'd through it in my work bag and spritz it on occasionally throughout the day.