Anyone who knows me, knows that I have 2 basic hairstyles; curled and a topknot. You know I'm being lazy when my hair goes up in a topknot  (I apologize to the people who see me daily and only see a topknot..). Ponytails make me look like I'm 15 for some reason, so I stray away from those. A topknot adds a little bit of style to any outfit but only takes about 5 minutes once you've mastered it. When you start doing a topknot, be prepared to do it several times to get it just right. I use a combination of Coconut Milk Anti-Breakage Serum and Beach Babe Texturing Spray. 

Start with the texturing spray, then twist into a bun on top of your hair. Honestly, twist higher than you think is necessary because it will fall backwards a little. Next rub some of the serum in your hands and smooth out the fly aways and ends. I usually put a little extra on the knot so it's shiny and smooth. 

Keep in mind the best topknot looks like you literally threw it up there and didn't give it a second thought. To get this I usually run my fingers through the front little to loosen it up. That French girl mentality of putting zero effort into your outfit but looking incredibly chic and put together is what I strive for daily.


Molly Rose