Everyone wants a Beyonce moment, I mean love or hate her music she's made herself the Queen Bey by being a marketing and fashion genius. Around the time I was falling in love with this skirt (about a year ago) someone else far more exciting was too, Beyonce (click here to see her Instagram). 

This is my favorite outfit of the moment. I pair it with a leather jacket and sometimes mix in a white top. I wear flip flops and I'm perfectly dressed up for dinner or drinks. It's super easy to dress up or down and you're bound to get compliments in a pink pleated skirt. A maxi skirt in general paired with a crop top has become my go to outfit. If you're nervous about too much skin showing don't be! Look above and remember you can show as much or as little skin as you want.

But really let's get to the point here... me and Beyonce have worn the same skirt which basically makes me Beyonce, right?

Glad we settled that...



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