Am I wrong to assume that everyone suffers with dry chapped lips? I know my lips are larger than most people's, but my lips are constantly dry.  Do others have this same problem? My makeup bag that travels with me was chalk full of lip care products ranging in price and several different brands. I've paid way too much for chapstick and even tried the $.90 kind. Nothing seemed to do the trick.

Do you want to know my secret? I stopped looking along time ago for the perfect lip balm because I found it and it's not even technically for your lips.

I now use Aquaphor advanced therapy healing ointment. They have lip balm that looks similar but don't fall for it, buy the little tubes of this miracle cream. Just a tiny dap will do it, honestly I buy the 2 pack of these and they last along time, I've had 2 tubes for close to a year now and still have plenty left. Your lips instantly feel soft, smooth and perfectly moisturized! 

You're welcome for your wonderful lips!


Molly Rose