Do you know how awkward it is to stand in front of the camera solo? I don't think many people will know until you're faced with the task of taking blog pictures. I can be a little shy to begin with so this was totally out of my comfort zone.  I met my photographer a few months ago, I hope it was mutual but I knew immediately that this was going to turn into a long lasting relationship. She kept reassuring me that the pictures were coming out great, but I was still sweating through my kimono wondering if I'd made a huge mistake. Abbie is such an amazing photographer, she somehow transformed awkward Molly into model Molly. 

It's starting to warm up here in Denver, FINALLY. After weeks of rain and cold temps I finally slipped back into my Birkenstocks and haven't looked back. I love Spring and Summer for the rompers and jumpsuits, they are basically what I live in during the day. The easiest way to spice up a romper (or any outfit!) during the summer without adding hot, heavy layers is a kimono. It instantly adds a little glamor and color to any outfit. I love them for concerts, brunches, dinners, really anything I am around people for, this is my go-to.

What's your summer go-to piece to add a little color?


Molly Rose