I have been MIA for about a month and I truly apologize for that. I started a new job working for my old boss again, that mixed with Molly Rose Styling left 0 time for blogging and photoshoots. Well friends, I have finally gotten a handle on my new schedule and I’m ready to get back into the swing. 

Why shouldn’t my first post back in a month be about ugly Christmas sweaters? You don’t know why not either? Good. My friends are throwing our annual ugly Christmas sweater party this Friday and it’s one of my favorite events of the year! So just in case you have a similar event on your calendar (I really think everyone should) I wanted to through together some suggestions!

While no, you will never see me in the normal “Christmas sweater” I have thrown together some creative suggestions just for you! If you have the time and you have a Buffalo Exchange or hipster thrift store near you, I suggest starting there. Otherwise, click through the options below to help you stand out in your ugly crowd!


Molly Rose