I’ve known Jennifer Dixon for many years through working in the fashion industry. When I found out that she broke away to do her own thing with La Señorita Jolie, I couldn’t stop following along!

I would say 90% of the time I’m in casual wear. Whether that be a cotton maxi or a tank and yoga pants, that’s my day to day uniform (hey I work from home most days! I’m lucky to brush my teeth! Just kidding... mostly). Her line of comfortable basics that are really anything but basic had me drooling. 

So when she reached out to me to style a few pieces I jumped at the chance! I feel too often bloggers are dressed up in looks that don’t actually represent day to day life (me included!). While that’s the fun and artistic side of being a blogger, I find that my clients honestly need the most help with their day to day lives. Not the office, not dinner or drinks on a Friday night.

She also told me about a great opportunity she is extended to Molly Rose Styling readers! They are helping women just like you to be their own entrepreneurs and make extra money. For under $200 you can join the company and be the first in your area to sell and wear LSJ. They offer a great training program to become a stylist and as soon as you join the company you get tons of discounts on clothes and jewels!

For you very special readers, if you sign up to be a stylist in the month of October you will receive 2 inspirational cuffs for FREE! Just click through this link for more information and to get started


Molly Rose